Friday, July 4, 2008

Plan C -- Ride my "new" R100 Mono

As we used to say in the Air Force when doing our flight/mission planning, it's not a plan until we run out of time to change it. Well, seeing how I have not run out of time to change my plan, I have come up with "Plan C."

Preferring to stay with the older BMW R-bike airhead technology for my ride versus the more modern K-bike, I was half-heartedly looking for another motorcycle while my R90/6 is still down with bad cylinders (they have not come back yet from the shop). Surprisingly I came across what seems to be a good bike for my purpose. It's a nice 1991 R-100 Classic or Monolever for sale by the original owner. I put a deposit down on it and plan to pick it up in Washington D.C. on the 12th of July. My plan is to then ride it all the way back to my home near St Louis and continue on my trip to the International BMW motorcycle rally in Gillette, Wyoming. It will be a lot of riding but I believe a lot of fun too. Plus I am riding with a help raise awareness and money for kids with brain tumors.
In the end I know I will easily surpass my goal of 5,000 miles riding this season (I already have more than 1,500) and hopefully people will keep on donating money to help fund research for kids with brain tumors.
Stay tune for more on my adventure this summer which will end with a lap on the Indianapolis Speedway's Moto GP course in September.
Brian "Brain" Kissinger
To make a donation for brain tumor/cancer research