Monday, June 30, 2008

New Logo & Plan B is on

My good friend, Ken Chornopyski, donated his time and created a new logo for my "Ride Brain Ride" fund-raising adventure.
Ken is the Canadian gentleman who purchased an aircraft from me several years ago and really helped with my "Brain's Flight" project providing much needed website support. He also created the "Brain's Flight" logo. What a talented guy!
As far as my plans go, I still don't have my R90/6 cylinders back from the shop so I will continue with "plan B" and ride a different motorcycle than my R90/6 to Wyoming for the BMW motorcycle rally. When I get back I will continue on the restoration of the R90/6 and get it ready as soon as I can. It will be tough to have it ready for the September charity event at the Indianapolis Speedway but I will do my best. Otherwise I will continue riding a different motorcycle as needed.
More later....
Brian "Brain" Kissinger
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